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GJNVBDZSF 1080P HD WIFI Solar Light Camera, LED Security Outdoor Waterproof Safety Surveillance Camera for Home Patio
  • When someone moves to the surveillance area to trigger the motion sensor, you can receive alerts on your phone, tablet and PC. Watch audio real-time conditions with built-in microphones, speakers and mobile devices. 120 degree radar human body induction: Users can customize the detection alarm time to avoid false alarm interference.
  • High-capacity 8400mAh lithium battery, solar powered. All-day service: Uninterrupted monitoring environment throughout the day, and can be woken up at any time through the mobile phone or alarm system. Remote intercom: support two-way conversation, clear and not stuck, making communication more convenient.
  • Activate the alarm from your phone, tablet and PC to scare off any suspicious people captured by the camera. Infrared night vision: 24 hours to monitor the security of the door, at night, it can be seen at a glance. Local and cloud storage: Video can be stored on local SD cards and cloud services.
  • Use live view to order video and audio, monitor your home security with HD video at any time, and watch surveillance content at home at any time. Wireless connection: Master the dynamics anytime, anywhere, and the operation is simple and convenient. HD quality: FHD 1920x1080 resolution provides rich color and higher picture quality.
  • 48 LED lighting beads, outdoor waterproof design, not afraid of wind and rain. Solar charging: cycle power supply, continuous work. Built-in battery: 18650 battery 8400mA
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